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My opinion of fear is it motivates most of the human’s decisions in the world. Fear made a ton of decisions for me when I was a beta male. It still plays a factor in my life, but it is severely reduced. It has to be, otherwise fear will live up to its name.

Fear is the killer of dreams.

They say, “there’s nothing to fear, but fear itself.” I say, “easier said than done.”


I only get my kids on the weekends. This was two months after my divorce was finalized and the time that we agreed on, was better than not getting them at all. I was used to seeing them every day. If we left it up to the courts, I would be forced to see them every other weekend, instead of the time I’m blessed with them now.

If I was having a hard time with it, then my kids were feeling the breakup too. Only they don’t understand what was going on at that time.

On September 7, 2018, the movie; The Nun was playing in theaters. It was another chapter in the Conjuring Universe. Second in line, to Avengers: Endgame as one of the most popular universe movies in cinema history. I only had time to see The Nun, during a time when I had my kids.

This is one of my favorite memories that I have. I didn’t want to get a babysitter for my kids while I got to go to a movie. It wasn’t like I went to go and see it with someone. I would’ve gone by myself, which I have a constant struggle with because I can’t help but think if I look normal or creepy.

An Idea popped in my head. What if I convinced my kids to go to the movies with me?

Good luck! Am I right? You were thinking about it because I was thinking about it.

They were always watching Youtube videos, which were money challenges. If you can take a bath for 24 hours, then you win ten thousand dollars. What if I made it a game?

“All right boys,” I said. “I have a deal for you. Will you go to the movies with me?”

Instantly, they nodded their heads and yelled, “yes!”

“Here’s the thing. It’s a scary movie.”

Before I could go on, the oldest shook his head and began to give his attention to something else. He knew what I was after and he didn’t want any part of it.

“I have a challenge for you three,” I said. The oldest turned his head again towards me. “What if we make a game out of it.”

“Like a challenge?” asked the middle child.

I nodded. “We’ll call it the don’t get scared challenge.”

“I’m going to lose,” said the youngest.

“How about we reverse the challenge? Instead of the don’t get scared challenge, we do the opposite.”

I was met with confused faces. I couldn’t help but laugh at that.

“Every time you get scared, I’ll give you a dollar. So if you jump, or shut your eyes, or cover your ears. I’ll give you a dollar. If you get scared five times, then that’s five dollars. After the movie is over, we’ll go spend the money you made. Deal?”

Two of them said yes. The oldest didn’t say anything, at first. After a few seconds, “so if I get scared one hundred times, you’ll give me one hundred dollars?”

“Yes, but you have to be honest and truthful.”

“When does the movie start?”


Before I go on, I want to say that I don’t believe that violent video games and/or violent movies make kids violent. If a violent child is in the world, they learned it from their parents, plain and simple. I do believe that violent entertainment can make violent kids more creative, but it won’t actually transform a child’s mind.

I did tell my kids about the movie, how there are actors, a director, a script, and a budget. Very boring stuff. I showed them the trailer and I almost considered giving up and waiting for the movie to come out in REDBOX. But we didn’t do that. We still went.

The theater was so dark, an interesting scenario went through my head. I was going to end up paying these kids a hundred dollars, each. That was scarier than The Nun movie.

The movie started and I looked over and saw the oldest put his hands up to his face. He was getting ready to cover his eyes. Before he could, he stopped and looked right at me. A giant smile was on his face. He put up a finger, to let me know from afar, that I owed him a dollar.

It was so funny to witness them, executing the don’t get scared challenge.

“Is that The Nun?” asked the middle child.

“No that’s a nun,” I answered. “Believe me, you’ll know when you see The Nun.”

The whole movie was filled with nuns. It looked like a Sister Act movie but on an acid trip. There were a few times I owed myself a dollar.

There was this one part in the movie when they opened the door that shouldn’t have been opened up in the first place. At first, it looked like a black hole, but when they went to enter, Valak sprang at them.

“IT’S THE NUN!” Screamed the youngest. He pointed and I quickly shushed him. It was so funny.


When the movie was over, we all got in the car and before I put it in DRIVE, I asked the kids what they thought of the movie and how much I owed them.

The youngest answered first, “I made three dollars.”

“I made five,” said the middle child.

“Five,” said the oldest. He put up his fingers.

“I got scared five times, I just forgot.” said the youngest. A little grin on his face.

“It was a good movie. I liked it.” said the oldest.

“Really?” I was taken aback. “I thought I was going to have to pay you guys a hundred dollars each.”

“You still can,” said the middle child.

We couldn’t contain our laughter.


“When your fears are chasing you, the only alpha thing to do is to turn around and chase them back.” - Jordan B. Peterson


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